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Massive umbrella blows onto tee box as Max Homa prepares to hit tee shot

If you’ve ever had your swing roasted by Max Homa on Twitter, you know what it's like to get absolutely pwned. It’s a helpless feeling, as Homa’s loyal following begins retweeting, favoriting, and commenting away at your pathetic swing and your equally pathetic existence.

Now that Homa is a PGA Tour winner, there’s not much ammo for you to use in a reply. All you can do is sit back and take it.

That was until Friday morning at the 3M Open, when Homa’s roastees nearly got their revenge with the help of a rogue umbrella. Gusty conditions at TPC Twin Cities have made the second round a bit more difficult, and dangerous, on the competitors. Don’t believe us? Watch as Homa cheats death when a massive umbrella blows onto the first tee box as he prepares to hit his drive:

OK, cheats death may have been strong, but if you’ve ever been at the beach on a windy day, you know flying umbrellas are nothing to mess around with. Good thing Homa’s spidey senses were tingling at the right moment.

This turned out to be a bad omen for the 29-year-old. Six holes later, he made a round-killing double bogey at the par-4 seventh. He did finish his round with a walk-in birdie on his final hole, carding a one-over 72 to safely make the weekend at five under.