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Max Homa jabs Justin Thomas over lack of college degree, remains golf's top social media sniper

November 10, 2023

The days of Max Homa roasting peoples' golf swings on Twitter are (mostly) gone, but you still have to watch what you post around the six-time PGA Tour winner. Especially if you happen to be one of his best buds.

Take Justin Thomas. The two-time major champ just went on an amazing African safari with Homa. We can only imagine the bonding that goes on between bros watching lions and tigers in the wild. And yet, it was Homa who pounced like the king of the jungle on some fresh prey when JT posted this seemingly innocuous photo and caption.

Not much meat there to roast, right? Well, not according to Homa, who replied, "Guy's saying 'thus' like he graduated college or something," a reference to the two years Thomas spent at the University of Alabama. Boom. Roasted.


Poor JT. Yeah, he could have just said "so" instead, but it's not like he used "thus" at the beginning of a sentence. That would certainly be grounds for getting called out, but this just seems like a bit of bullying from golf's top social media sniper.

Of course, Thomas had pretty good reasons for turning pro after his sophomore year. And a career that includes 15 PGA Tour titles (and counting) certainly indicates he made the right move. But, yes, he didn't graduate from college. And, yes, Homa did. And he happened to go to Cal-Berkeley to boot. We're all very impressed, Max. (No, really, we are. Please don't roast us, too. Pretty please.)