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Max Homa and Collin Morikawa exchange fiery Twitter barbs … about how to pour milk and cereal

Maui wowie, what a Tuesday morning it was on Golf Twitter when—just over 24 hours removed from one of the great final rounds in U.S. Open history—we all woke up to reports that Brooks Koepka and Collin Morikawa were the next PGA Tour birdies to fly the coop. As it turned out, only half of that was true, as Morikawa took aim at the Fake Dramatized News Media for all but confirming what he had pretty much debunked.

That should have quelled the fire, but emotions were running high and tempers flared soon after when Morikawa and the sheriff of Twitter Town Max Homa exchanged heated barbs … about the order in which you pour milk and cereal.

To which Morikawa quickly fired back …

Even Justin Thomas, a voice for calm in this chaos, couldn’t resist chiming in.

OK, so obviously we’re being facetious here. There’s not an ounce of bad blood—or even spilled milk—between the two. Perhaps that’s a lesson for the rest of us. If these guys—the same ones who do this golf thing for a living; eat, sleep, and breathe it 24/7 365—aren’t freaking out, maybe we shouldn’t either. A crazy thought, we know, but one worth considering.