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‘I found my partner’: Brian Harman says friendship with Max Homa blossomed after Ryder Cup

January 10, 2024

Ross Kinnaird

There are few things more precious in this world than guys being dudes together, especially on the golf course. It’s a beautiful bonding experience that creates life-long friendships and brings people from all walks of life together. We’re all for it. The latest example of this beautiful partnership is Max Homa and Brian Harman.

The pair were the only Americans to win a foursome match at the 2023 Ryder Cup and have become thick as thieves since that fortuitous Saturday pairing. While revving up for the Sony Open in Hawaii, Harman spoke glowingly about his new bud.

“That Saturday that Max and I shared where we won two matches and had this really incredible day. We bonded—it felt like we made like eight years of memories in a day it felt like.

“I’ll never forget that Saturday at the Ryder Cup. Obviously, I wish it would’ve turned out differently. I wish we won and wish we had two more days to play against them. I feel like I found my partner in any of those things forever.”

Those are strong words from the recent Open Championship winner, but when you’ve made a new friend, you want to let the world know. We appreciate his candor.

“He wants to beat you, beat you by a lot, and look good doing it,” Harman continued. “He is a total competitor, and for me, as a partner, you couldn’t ask for a better one.

“Max and I really started—I don’t want to say we started being friends because we were always friendly. I didn’t know Max that well. But we started getting pretty close over the last six to eight months,” Harman explained. "Started just cutting up a whole lot. It happened organically. Just a really cool experience.”

The two couldn’t be more different, at least according to Harman. Max Homa is a Californian through and through, a Bar Mitzvah boy out of Burbank known for his social media prowess. Harman, on the other hand, is a Savannah, Georgia native who spent much of his offseason killing beavers. We’re not sure how many Jewish mothers would appreciate that, but Homa’s his own man. That’s what happens once you turn 13 and get through your Torah portion.

“He is West Coast, University of Cal Berkeley,” Harman said. “I’m a redneck from South Georgia. On the golf course, he’s a killer, and I love that mentality about him.”