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Matt Kuchar dragging Bryson DeChambeau is the best moment of Phoenix Open so far

January 31, 2019
Sony Open in Hawaii - Final Round

Stan Badz

If you even know how to spell "golf," chances are you've seen the now-viral video of Bryson DeChambeau's Bill Nye-approved shot process at the Dubai Desert Classic last weekend. The 30 For 30 short, which finds Bryson and his caddie analyzing air density and adjusted distance for an agonizing 74 seconds before hitting a 126-yard approach, has generated Flamin' Hot Cheeto takes from around the golf world, including Brooks "Don't Think Too Much" Koepka and now Matt Kuchar, who unleashed this expert troll job of the Artist Formerly Known as the Mad Scientist at the Phoenix Open on Thursday morning. Watch your necks out there, kids.

Of course, Kuchar has recently been the subject of his own controversy, but in this case, we'll leave his glass house intact because, well, it's just that funny. Going full deadpan, Kuchar cites "electromagnetic pulses" for his ball's spin, nailing Bryson square between the eyes without even having to check the barometric pressure first. Needless to say, this is some cold-blooded, special forces sh*t from Kuchar and we absolutely love it (the same way we love Bryson's traveling science fair—keep this spicy gentlemen, everybody wins!)

Unfortunately, the Golf Comedy Tour has had a somewhat rockier week overseas, where Eddie Pepperell has been breaking in some new material comparing his boudoir to a country that beheads journalists and liking Ricky Gervais tweets defending shock comedy. What's next, Eddie? Retweeting Piers Morgan?

Screen Shot 2019-01-31 at 11.14.28 AM.png

Well, at least we'll always have Paris The Content Committee...