Well Played

This amazing Masters-themed wedding even featured a cameo from Jim Nantz

September 28, 2022

So you think you're a big golf fan? Well, you probably don't hold a candle to one Connecticut family whose recent wedding probably even included some kind of special golf candles—because just about everything else paid tribute to the sport's biggest event.

Introducing the Ziances, who had a Masters-themed wedding in July. And an amazing one at that.

As you can see by the photos, there was a Masters wedding cake, kids wearing white caddie jumpsuits, and, of course, a green jacket for the groom:

How about the Tiger headcover in the golf bag?! Talk about attention to detail!

But wait! There's more! Jim Nantz, the voice of the Masters himself, even recorded the couple a message to play before their entrance to the reception:

HELLO, FRIENDS! (And other people we had to invite.) Pretty incredible.

As the new Mrs. Ziance noted on her Instagram, "At a certain point it went from just golf tees on the boutonnières into a full blown Masters themed wedding. Neither of us half ass anything so we thought, let’s have fun and just go for it. I’m 100% OK that the caddies stole the show!"

Yeah, that escalated quickly. I mean, that really got out of hand. But in a good way, of course.

Anyway, we wish everyone involved a lifetime of happiness—and a lifetime free of lawsuits from Augusta National.

UPDATE: Golf Digest has received more information on this wedding unlike any other from the groom. According to Matt, the two met on Hinge during the pandemic and Kate took up golf soon after. In fact, she already has a hole-in-one, and the game remains a big part of their relationship.

"This was a simple idea and 100% a joint decision," Matt wrote. "We were initially considering heading to Town Hall but agreed that if we had a ceremony and reception, that it would be 100% us and a solid experience for everyone in attendance! We both love golf, there’s no denying that. There’s not a thing in this world we would prefer to do more every single day."

Amen to that, guys. Or, rather, Amen Corner.