Masters 2023: Sam Bennett had a priceless reaction when asked about the potential big payday he'll have to pass up

April 08, 2023
Masters 2023

Ben Walton

AUGUSTA, Ga. — Sam Bennett got an all-time room upgrade on Monday night when he was moved from the Crow's Nest to Butler Cabin. On Friday, he got bumped up again when he was invited to the snazzy interview room in Augusta National's absurd press building to talk about firing a second consecutive 68. At this rate, he'll get moved up to first class on his flight home.

There's no way to undersell what a magical week it's been for the Texas A&M senior thus far, but one reporter had to ask if Bennett had thought about the fact his amateur status won't allow him to leave Augusta National with a fat paycheck. And Sam's reaction was absolutely classic.

Q. The person who finished second last year at the Masters made $1.6 million. Is there any part of you that --

SAM BENNETT: (Hangs head.)

That's the person doing the transcription making special note of Sam's nonverbal reaction! Or maybe it's an AI thing considering it's Augusta National. Either way, it's hilarious.

Of course, there was more. Bennett was also (laughing) and he gave this response after the full question was asked.

Q. -- that sees the prize money?

SAM BENNETT: Yeah, I don't know, NIL has been pretty good this year.

Fair point, Sam. You look more like a NASCAR driver than a golfer this week with all those logos on your shirt. This ain't your grandaddy's NCAA. But good for you, because you deserve to be paid for knocking around almost all of the planet's best golfers for two rounds. Anyway, you can watch the funny exchange below (11:30 mark):

It should be noted, though, that Bennett would not be playing this week at all if he was a pro. To get the Masters invite for winning the U.S. Amateur (as Bennett did in August), a golfer must retain his amateur status. So that's the cost of doing business as they say.

Regardless, it's been a heckuva week so far. And getting a certain jacket upgrade on Sunday evening would be priceless.