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Masters 2023: This AI-replicated version of the Champions Dinner looks like the rager of the century

April 04, 2023

Yes, artificial intelligence will one day take all of our jobs, devolve the human race and end consciousness as we know it, but first it has to create an AI replication of the Masters Champions Dinner ...

First off, great music choice. You gotta imagine the playlist at the Champions Dinner is nothing but bangers. Like a 2008 bar-mitzvah.

We doubt that the party gets as raucous as this clip suggests, but since we don’t get an inside look year-to-year, there’s no proof that this isn’t what happens. Phil Mickelson yelling into the abyss, Tiger Woods as the life of the party and the green-jacket clan showering themselves with champagne is exactly how we want to imagine the annual feast.

Greg Norman on the outside looking in also makes a good deal of sense. Not only has he never won a Masters, but he’s probably not the most popular golfer at the moment. You know … because of all the stuff.

Anyway, until we have a live stream of the Champions Dinner, this is how we’re going to envision the banquet going. There is a reason it’s Tuesday evening instead of on Wednesday. The pros playing on Thursday need a day off to nurse those hangovers.