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Masters 2023: What would you sacrifice to play Augusta National? This survey of golfers produced eye-popping results

March 31, 2022

Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Yes, there are ways to get to play Augusta National. Just like there are ways to win the lottery. And actually, as in the case with lucky media members who get to play the course the Monday after the Masters, there is an actual lottery involved.

But what if playing the most exclusive golf course on the planet was up to what you would be willing to spend? Or willing to sacrifice? A new survey of more than 1,000 golfers by time2play has produced some eye-popping results. Have a look:


Apparently, you'd see a lot of golfers with shaved heads (43.2 percent) roaming around Amen Corner. And you'd see a few with missing fingers (.8 percent). Well, after they got to play the course, at least.

More than a third of the participants said they'd give up drinking for a year, and nine percent said they'd give up sex. Two percent said they'd give up their kids for adoption and another 5.8 percent they'd give up their pets. Damn, that's cold. Although, if you've ever experienced a toddler's temper tantrum . . . well . . . Kidding! Sort of.

What about how much golfers are willing to spend? Smartly, time2play divided this up by income bracket. Those earning less than 20K, would pay $388 on average, while those making more than 100K would be willing to plunk down $3,189. That's a lot of dough—especially if your significant other finds out!

Then again, maybe you'd choose to play with your spouse. Although, not surprisingly, the survey found 22.9 percent would play with a friend. Followed by 16.2 percent choosing to play with their dad. And Tiger Woods was the third-most popular choise. Sorry, spouses.

Of course, sadly, none of this matters because you will probably never get to play Augusta National. No matter how much you're willing to sacrifice. On the bright side, at least you get to keep all your fingers.