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Masters 2022: Overheard in the gallery at Augusta National on Sunday

April 10, 2022
Masters 2022

Adam Glanzman

AUGUSTA, Ga. — Following two cold days—locals apparently call it the "Easter Chill"—temps were back up and the sun was out for the final round of the 2022 Masters. The patrons—minus a layer or two of clothing—were back watching some golf. And they were talking. Oh, they were talking. After walking around Augusta National for the final round, here were some of the best lines we heard.

"That's Bryson DeChambeau! I forgot he missed the cut!" Yep, Bryson was out following Tiger Woods. Good for him. Speaking of Tiger . . .

"Wow, he looks like me walking." Watch your mouth, mister. You're talking about the GOAT.

"Do you think Rahm walks slow so that Tiger can catch up?" If he does, at least he's showing some respect. Again, that's the GOAT you're talking about!

"Is it time for lunch? I think it's time for lunch." Sir, it's always time for lunch at Augusta National. The "Masters 15" is a real thing—especially if you're eating in the media center.

"I love this cushy gravel with the rubber mixed in. It's like our own personal playground." Agree! Augusta National doesn't mess around—even with their paths.

"If he keeps birdieing, and the other guy winning keeps parring, he's got a chance!" Yeah, that's generally how it works.

"Don't worry, I'll stick with you. I'm like glue." You need a good glue guy amid these crowds—especially with no cell phones.

"You keep saying that, but it don't mean nothing! You just think it's true because you're from around here!" I have no clue what these guys were arguing about, but I decided to keep a safe distance.

"Rory's got his little strut going." Damn straight he did.

"But he's just going to be too far back. He's a corker, isn't he? He just starts too slow." Damn straight he does.

"You're coming in too steep on the downswing so you need to open up more. It's like hitting an inside fastball." Settle down, Butch Harmon.

"We've had all four seasons here this week!" Bless your heart, but you obviously don't live in the Northeast.

"He would come here in a heartbeat, but his wife won't let him." Sounds like "he" needs a new wife. Kidding! (Sort of.)