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Masters 2021: Billy Horschel just fell on his ass at Augusta National, and Golf Twitter had a field day

April 10, 2021

Billy Horschel hiked up his pants and lost his shoes before hitting his third shot on No. 13 during the third round of the 2021 Masters. The six-time PGA Tour winner smartly didn't want to sully them by playing out of Rae's Creek, but moments later, it didn't matter when he lost something more important: his balance.

Saturday is supposed to be moving day at the Masters, but the only place Horschel went was viral. After assessing the green, he was walking back to his ball when he slipped on the bank and fell on his ass.

Both he and Phil Mickelson had a good chuckle, but Billy—always a sartorial stickler—quickly tried to determine if he'd picked up a wicked grass stain. He had certainly picked the wrong day to wear white pants. If there's ever really a right day, that is.

Anyway, here's a look at the funny sequence:

In the old days, no one would have ever seen this since it happened before TV coverage came on. But thanks to the magic of streaming—and because Horschel and Mickelson were one of the featured groups—a lot of golf fans saw it. And not surprisingly, Golf Twitter had a field day. Here's a sampling:

To Horschel's credit, he recovered from the embarrassing fall to hit a pretty spiffy explosion shot out of Rae's Creek to the middle of the green. And from there, he two-putted for a wild par.

Also, it's a good thing he was playing with Mickelson. You know, someone who won't want to go around blabbing to everyone after the round about what happened out at Amen Corner. Kidding! Phil is going to be telling that story until the day he dies. Poor Billy.

UPDATE: To Horschel's credit, he handled the situation well when asked about it after the round.

"I said, How bad is it? I said, How bad is that grass stain going to be, and he said, There may not be one there, and he looked and said, Yeah, there's one there, sorry, buddy," said Horschel after shooting 73. "Obviously that's going to be a highlight that's played on social media or maybe Augusta or the Masters will take it off. But I was hoping to make the putt so at least it would be something funny from it."