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Masters 2021: Bubba Watson's dancing caddie will get your Masters weekend started right

April 10, 2021

Masters weekend just hits differently. Golf fans certainly know that with the various viewing parties they throw (at least, in normal years), and clearly, the world's best players and their caddies feel the same. Even if you've won the dang thing twice already.

We saw that sheer joy from Ted Scott, Bubba Watson's looper, on Friday night. After his boss made the cut, the caddie was really, really pumped about sticking around Augusta National for another couple days.

Have a look, because this is sure to brighten up your weekend as well. Not that you need any brightening. Again, it's MASTERS weekend, people!

Well done, Ted. And nice moves.

Since I'm old and not as up on Internet culture as I could be, I had to look up if this type of video was already out there. Of course, it is. Here's the original "It's Friday then Saturday Sunday what!" dancing alongside a car video from 2019 that has more than 10 million views.

Again, kudos to Ted for attempting this—and pulling it off quite nicely. Whether or not he can help Watson win a third green jacket this weekend, he's already helped us get even more fired up about watching.