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Masters 2019: John Daly autographs woman's bare behind in an Augusta parking lot in most John Daly move ever

The real tradition unlike any other during Masters week is not the actual tournament. It's John Daly rolling into town in his gigantic RV and setting up shop in a Hooters parking lot just outside the grounds of Augusta National. From the RV he sells merchandise, snaps photos with fans and of course, signs plenty of autographs.

On Monday, Daly was already back at it, and one lucky (?) lady received Daly's John Hancock on her bare behind in the most John Daly move ever. Check out the photo that Daly posted to his Instagram account:

"All I can say is ....I love my life!" Daly wrote. What's not to love? Aside from playing in the Masters or going as a fan, I guess the next best thing is chilling at the closest Hooters, mingling with the fans and signing some butts. No one can ever tell Daly he's not living his best life.

We're just glad to see that, so far, Daly is safe and sound. Last year, his RV was slammed into by a driver that had lost control of their car, causing Daly to jump out of the way of the vehicle's path and injure himself. Let's hope this year he makes it out in one piece and continues to make more fans' days like he did for this young woman.