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Why did it have to be snakes?

Watch police subdue a nine-foot python at a Florida golf course with the help of some trusty golf clubs

December 29, 2023

Burmese pythons are a real problem in South Florida. We wrote about this back when we used to write about non-golf things. Illegally introduced to the Florida Everglades via the exotic pet trade, the invasive reptile immediately thrived, continuing to expand its territory further and further north while simultaneously growing larger and larger.

If that sounds like something out of a nightmare to you, you probably don’t want to watch the following video, which sees Marco Island, FL police officers attempting to subdue a nine-foot python found coiled in the bushes at Hideaway Beach Club last Thursday. When the snake resisted arrest, they turned to the most high-tech snake-catching instrument known to man for help:

Golf clubs.

Hideaway Beach Club has an executive nine-hole course which may have provided the clubs that helped to turn the tide against the giant reptile. The snake, later identified as an adult male, was finally corralled when authorities threw a towel over the its head, temporarily blinding it so they could slip it into a nearby cage. While this video may make you think twice about booking a tee time within in slithering distance of the Everglades, look on the bright side:

The next time your significant other asks why you need new golf clubs, just show them this video. It’s, not about me, honey. It’s about keeping this family safe.