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Pray for the dude who lost nearly $1 million because of a fantasy football stat correction


Gina Ferazzi

Stat corrections are a weekly occurrence in fantasy football. In a $25 entry fee head-to-head league with your buddies, they can changes wins to losses on very rare occasions, which is not exactly something to lose sleep over. In a $1 million Daily Fantasy contest, however, a stat correction can be life-altering. 

Rob Huntze, a 41-year-old insurance agent from St. Louis, found this out in excruciating fashion on Monday night. After the Rams-Bears game had ended, Huntze was in first place in a DraftKings contest, one that had a $1 million first-place prize. As ESPN's David Purdum reported, Huntze began texting friends and relatives to share the news, then took his dog for a walk. 

When Huntze returned, he refreshed his computer screen "just to see myself on top" one more time. No dice. Huntze was the victim of a brutal correction that changed a sack of Jared Goff to a tackle for loss, which moved him from solo first to a tie for sixth. He had both the Bears and Rams defenses in the contest, and the sack had originally given the two defenses a combined point total of 92.79. But the correction of sack to tackle for loss dropped the total to 91.19. 

This cost Huntze nearly $1 million, or $996,446 to be exact. His T-6 finish gave him a whopping total of $3,554. Heartbreaking would be the understatement of the year, and possibly the century. 

The utterly crushing swing will not deter Huntze from playing more Daily Fantasy, though. "I want a little redemption story," he told ESPN. A true glutton for punishment. We respect it.