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MACtion peaked with this extremely slow 96-yard touchdown run from a fullback

November 24, 2021

As incredible as the upcoming Rivalry Week promises to be, it's a sad time of the college football season. Rivalry Week means the season is winding down, with only Championship Week, Bowl Season and the College Football Playoff left. We never realize how good we have it until it's almost gone.

Tuesday night marked the end of one of the CFB season's hidden treasures - mid-week MACtion. There was only two games on the MAC slate, and neither were particularly close, but each had their typical MACtion moments. In fact, the mid-week MACtion season may have peaked with this extremely slow 96-yard touchdown run from a ... wait for it ... fullback! Watch Northern Illinois' Clint Ratkovich, AKA the Rat Dog, make this electric house call against Western Michigan: 

"MIDWEST FOOTBALL PERSONIFIED" needs to be on a plaque and hung in every man cave in the Midwest. The perfect call for the perfect MACtion play. Slow-developing, missed tackles, an inability to chase down an effing fullback by a couple of two-stars in the Western Michigan secondary. It's a Thanksgiving cornucopia of MACtion misfortune on the defense's part. Of course, we do need to give credit to Ratkovich, too. He made the first two guys miss and it was off to the races, albeit very slow ones. 

Unfortunately for NIU, Western Michigan scored 28 unanswered after this touchdown, ultimately winning the game 42-21. The MACtion season deserved to end better than that, like on a botched field goal snap or a broken trick play, but we'll choose to remember 2021 MACtion by the Rat Dog's 96-yard scamper. Midwest football personified.