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Lucas Glover WDs from hotel room after messing up WM Phoenix Open tee time

February 08, 2024

Rob Carr

Lucas Glover has played the WM Phoenix Open 15 times. There will not be a 16th this year.

The six-time PGA Tour winner, U.S. Open winner and guy who might need new glasses missed his opening round tee time on Thursday after mixing up when he needed to show up.

Glover was scheduled for 8:26 a.m. local time but was still in his hotel room when he needed to tee off. Officials called Glover to tell him that he had one minute to make it to the tee box, and it was then and only then that the 44-year-old realized his costly mistake.

“I just misread my text messages [that listed my tee time],” Glover told Golf Channel. “I’m kicking myself but laughing at myself at the same time.”

At least he has a sense of humor about the whole thing. Maybe Glover can just enjoy the day now, get a spot at the “party hole” as a fan and down a couple of light beers. Perhaps he’ll throw on a wedding dress and join in on the festivities.

The tournament's first alternate, Ryo Hisatsune, replaced Glover in the field and immediately birdied his second hole. Always be ready for the opportunity to strike.