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LSU sitting on the one-yard line as a 13-point favorite is the gambling crime of the century

November 11, 2018

Normally, we wait until Monday to round up all the worst bad beats of the weekend in both college football and the NFL. But as we learned with Todd Gurley's "knee" two weeks ago, some are so soul-crushing that they stand on their own. This was in the case for anyone who had LSU -13 against Arkansas on Saturday night.

Leading 24-17 with 5:10 to go, LSU began what would turn out to be the final drive of the game at their own 41-yard line. After eating up nearly four full minutes of clock in seven plays, Tigers running back Nick Brossette broke free, but as he ran toward the end zone he channeled his inner Todd Gurley and went down at the seven-yard line. Rather than run out the rest of the clock, LSU ran another play, and Brossette again had a chance to score, and AGAIN went down, this time at the one-yard line. In other words, he spat in the face of LSU -13 bettors, then beat the crap out of them, kicked them while they were down. all while pointing and laughing like Nelson does in "The Simpsons":

But wait... there's more! LSU ran ANOTHER FREAKING PLAY from the one. Want to know who got the ball? Brossette! Want to know what he did? He didn't score!

Adding insult to injury was the fact that LSU lead 24-3 entering the fourth quarter, but the Razorbacks rallied on their home field to make it a one score game, setting up this absolute dagger. As Gurley pointed out two weeks back, it is the smart move, no matter how fishy it looks. Brossette continued to dance on everyone's grave afterwards:

Very angry is the understatement of the year.