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Is the guy who shouted “Go Tigers!” at a Weather Channel reporter in the middle of Hurricane Laura the biggest football fan in America?

August 27, 2020

On top of everything else happening in America right now—a pandemic, an election, yet another nationwide call to end police brutality and racial injustice without reply from legislators—Louisiana and Texas were slammed in the early hours of Thursday morning by Hurricane Laura. A Category 4 storm at the time of landfall, Laura ravaged the Gulf Coast with up to 18 inches of rain, sustained winds of 150 mph, and storm surge levels well over 10 feet.

The storm erased homes and left over 400,000 Louisianans without power. It is the antithesis of a laughing matter, but one local armed with nothing but his pickup truck and a deep love of Tigers football did manage to produce a welcome moment of levity during a live Weather Channel report on Thursday morning. Sound way the hell up.

We guess it’s true what they say about SEC football: It. Just. Means. More.

Despite what Coach O might say, however, if you find yourself in Laura’s path as it climbs northward over the next 24 hours, we strongly suggest you don’t try this for yourself. Yes, we’re looking at you, Auburn and Alabama fans. No War Eagle. No Roll Tide. Let have LSU have this little W and live to fight another day. 10/31 and 11/14 to be exact. The skies should be clear by then.