Coach O screams "ROLL TIDE, F--- YOU" in locker room, remains America's favorite college football coach

November 09, 2019

LSU head coach Ed Orgeron was already America's favorite college football coach for a number of reasons. The old Hummer commercials, his affinity for throwing shit against the wall to pump his players up, his trademark "Go Tigah" quote that he ends every interview with, just to name a few. But the real reason everyone loves him is because no one can ever understand what he's saying. Funny thing is, he's going viral on Saturday night for a quote that everyone could hear loud and clear.

Following the Tigers' massive 46-41 victory over Alabama, Coach O and his squad were understandably fired the hell up. As a six-point road underdog that hadn't beaten the Crimson Tide in eight seasons, this was a statement win of epic proportions, one that could very well propel LSU to the College Football Playoff. They finally slayed the dragon that is Nick Saban, something they'd only done three times since he took over at 'Bama in 2007.

How did Coach O celebrate? By going absolutely nuts in the locker room, and one of his players happened to be filming on Instagram live, Antonio Brown style:

"We gon' beat their ass in recruiting, we gon' beat their ass every time they see us! You understand that?!" screams Orgeron, followed by the money quote. "ROLL TIDE, WHAT?! F--- YOU!"

Holy moly, talk about a postgame SPEECH. That's some big time talk from Coach O there, and he didn't just save it for the privacy of the locker room. Here he was with his team at midfield after the game:

These are some extremely bold statements for a team that hadn't beat Alabama since 2011, but Coach O is living in the moment. As of right now, in the year 2019, they own 'Bama, and if LSU is able to finish off this season with an SEC title and a National Championship, Coach O's claims might just come true. Other than Tide fans, who wouldn't want a different team to finally knock Alabama off its perch? Coach O forever. Go Tigah.