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Louis Oosthuizen offered a rather honest assessment of his latest hole-in-one

October 31, 2019

No one has made more hole-in-ones at big golf tournaments in recent years than Louis Oosthuizen, who added to his total during Thursday's opening round of the WGC-HSBC Champions. You may remember Oosthuizen recorded 1s at both the 2016 Masters and 2016 Open Championship. Yet, even the South African known for having a textbook golf swing admitted his latest ace wasn't all skill.

"Yeah, I hit it a little thinner than I wanted to but it actually worked out perfect because it had some nice roll on the ball," Oosthuizen told reporters in Shanghai following his first-round 68.

If there's a truer cliché in golf than "Thin to win," we haven't heard it. Have a look for yourself at the ace that came on the 200-yard sixth hole at Sheshan Golf Club:

Oosthuizen continued: "As it pitched, Poults were calling it the whole time. I saw it go away but I wasn't sure if it wasn't in because I didn't hear any reaction from the people up there. Then obviously a few guys started applauding and Poults, and yeah, enjoyed it. It was a good line, and I mean, I knew it was fine. It was going to be decent, but I obviously didn't know it was going to do that."

We love the honesty, Louis. However, golfers still searching for their first hole-in-one might not like Louis' response when asked how many aces he's had

"No idea," Oosthuizen said. "I think the last one was in 2016 at The Open I think. I don't know, I think as a professional, probably fifth one I think."

Must be nice.