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Los Angeles Rams become first NFL franchise to employ male cheerleaders

Ordinarily we'd be sharing this video of the Los Angeles Rams 2018 rookie cheerleader roster for other reasons, but this year is different. Why? Because this year a NFL franchise will welcome male cheerleaders into its squad for the first time:

In a move that probably wouldn't have gone down quite as smooth back in ol' St. Louis, on Wednesday night the Rams announced Quinton Peron and Napoleon Jinnies as new, full-time members of their squad. According to the team, both Peron and Jinnies will be performing the same dance routines as their female cheer-mates, also an NFL first. If you're wondering how we feel about all this, the answer is a simple: Hell yeah, go kill it, gentlemen (as long as you aren't suddenly getting paid more than your female counterparts, that is).

The only real surprise is that it's 2018 A.D. and the NFL is only now getting its first inter-gender cheerleader squad. Then again, given the froth-mouthed reaction to players/fellow taxpaying American citizens promoting social equality through non-violent posture adjustment, maybe it's not that shocking after all. Either way, one thing is certain: That 2018 Rams cheerleader calendar just got a hell of a lot more, umm, interesting.