Delete The Footage

This poor dude has to hang 'em up after cold-topping a tee shot on the local news

Ahh, the opening tee shot of the year. If you've suffered through a long, cold winter, there is simply nothing like the opening tee shot. "Just smooth it out there," you tell yourself as you lose feeling in your fingers since it's still 45 degrees out. You may have no clue where the ball is going to go, but it's freaking go time. Golf season, baby.

If you're lucky, the local news won't be there to film said opening tee shot. The last thing you need is added pressure. Unfortunately, for one weekend hacker in Canada, the local news was, in fact, on scene to capture what appears to be his opening tee shot. The segment seems to be about health protocols at golf courses in Toronto as we attempt to return to normalcy, but it sadly became a roast session of this poor dude's cold-topped tee shot. Have a watch: 

Sheesh, did they really have to do our boy like this? It's bad enough they are right in his grill as he tries to start 2021 off right, but then they zoomed in on the damn ball, which traveled all of 30 yards, and that was only because it caught the slope and then the cart path. Brutal: 


So, so messed up. If this news station had any decency they would have cut back to the studio immediately and scrubbed the footage. Instead, this clip is currently being passed aroudn from 12 handicapper to 12 handicapper on Instagram with accompanying "I could do better than that!!" comments. No matter what this guy shoots going forward, he'll get "aren't you the guy that rolled on on the news?" quips from playing partners. Tough scene.