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OK then...

LIV Golf London event begins with flash mob dance (Yes, we are just as confused as you are)

July 07, 2023

Since its inception, LIV has billed itself as "GOLF, BUT LOUDER." On Friday, that phrase took a particularly interesting—and literal—turn.

That's because just before the league's London event broke out, a flash mob broke out. That's right, a flash mob. Have a look:

OK then.

Confused? Well, join the club. But first, let us assure you that the year is still 2023, not 2003.

Also, some quick research on flash mobs shows that they have actually been cracked down on a bit in this area. "In the United Kingdom, a number of flash mobs have been stopped over concerns for public health and safety." That's straight from Wikipedia, so you know it's true. So in addition to having good moves, these dancers are real rebels.

Anyway, it got us thinking what other played-out fads LIV could incorporate going forward. Perhaps, planking? Or the Ice Bucket Challenge? Maybe the Mannequin Challenge? The Smirnoff Ice Challenge? That Fleetwood Mac "Dreams" thing? No, please, anything but that. Forget we mentioned it.

But you get the point. The possibilities are endless when you recycle old ideas. And if this flash mob thing is going to stick, at least get Phil Mickelson involved.