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This LIV Adelaide fan snagging a beer out of the air like prime Megatron might be the ‘golf’ highlight of the year

By now you’ve seen the footage from LIV Golf Adelaide and know that it was a huge W for the fledging circuit. Aussie golf fans flocked to see national hero Cam Smith compete, flooding the fairways as Smith’s Ripper G.C. took home the win in LIV’s first-ever team playoff. The event threatened to spiral out of control—Lucas Herbert’s caddie was hit in the head by a water bottle at The Grange’s so-called “Watering Hole”— but unlike this year’s WM Phoenix Open, LIV Adelaide clung to the rails, if only just.

Despite all the highlights (and lowlights), however, no clip from the weekend summed up the chaotic action quite like this video of a fan in the grandstands at the Watering Hole snagging a flying beer out of the sky and chugging it like Calvin Johnson circa 2012. Check it out.

Ladies and gentleman, you may not like it, you may not approve of it, but this is peak athletic performance. With music blaring, smoke swirling and a trio of bros assembling a beer snake for the ages, this guy tuned out the noise, slapped on his Oakley Gascans and made the grab of the year. That takes single-minded focus and an insatiable drive to compete rivaled only by the pros on the tee box below. Not to mention, he saved the dude’s life next to him, who was completely unaware that a beer was soaring towards his head. An athlete and a hero. What’s not to love?

OK, OK. Maybe if you’re Scottie Scheffler and Nelly Korda, you might have a bone to pick with us calling this the “golf” highlight of the year, especially considering it features no actual golf. But I think we can all agree, no matter where you rank it, that this has earned its spot on the list.