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Little Leaguer walking to home plate as slow as humanly possible will either warm your heart or make your blood boil

April 30, 2018

A Little Leaguer went viral for walking to home plate as slowly as humanly possible over the weekend. Was he injured? No. Was he making a statement about the plodding pace of Major League Baseball games? We wish. Turns out, he was merely told by his coach to run home as fast as possible, so he did the opposite. Obviously. Kids!

The resulting video will either warm your heart or make your blood boil. Not only does this dude robotically strut all the way home (we're assuming this was on a walk with the bases loaded), but he brushes off his coach who tries to move him along, and then he falls onto the plate for emphasis. What a showman. Check it out:

Just how long did it take for this little tyke to score? The video starts with him about one-third of the way down the baseline (You can see there's already another teammate on third base) and goes for 44 seconds, so if we extrapolate, that's 1 MINUTE and six seconds to go the 60 feet between third and home. That's more than a second per foot! Charlie Hustle he is not.

(Side note: I loved those smaller dimensions of Little League. Moving to the bigger diamond ended my career as a shortstop.)

(Side note No. 2: These Little Leaguers have their names on the backs of their jerseys?! So jealous.)

Anyway, congrats to this kid on becoming a star. We just hope the opposing team didn't bean him in his next at bat.