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Little Leaguer puts Aaron Judge to shame with this jaw-dropping home run

August 07, 2017

Move over, Aaron Judge. You had a nice run as baseball's King of the Long Ball and your performance at the Home Run Derby was impressive. But in terms of jaw-dropping power at the plate, someone topped you over the weekend. And he's only 13.

Introducing Jayce Blalock, who plays for Georgia's team currently playing in the Southeast Regional of the Little League World Series. Let's just say a 200-foot fence can't contain Jayce. Not even close.

As Blalock stepped to the plate, the announcers discussed a claim that Jayce could hit a baseball into the trees well beyond the field. And it didn't take long for him to prove that he can, hitting a tape-measure blast -- a grand slam, no less -- that looked like it travelled more than double the field's dimensions. Check out the incredible clip:

We're not sure how Jayce didn't do a bat flip after hitting that bomb. That's discipline.