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Little kid finds out the hard way that you don't juke out Luke Kuechly and live to tell the tale

Over the years there have been countless stories, complete with video, of camp-goers taking on professional athletes in 1-on-1 drills or a game situation. The most famous of all being Jordan Crawford, a former NBA-er who once dunked on LeBron James in a summer camp, only for the King to have the video scrubbed from the internet.

Carolina Panthers linebacker Luke Kuechly found himself in a similar predicament recently at a Panthers camp, and it wasn't a talented high schooler with pro potential that schooled him, it was a little kid. In a drill that had similarities to an Oklahoma drill minus an offensive lineman and a defensive lineman, the 11-year-old kid was given a toss and proceeded to go full Madden 2006 highlight stick on Kuechly, double-juking him out of his shoes.

Instead of having the video deleted forever, Kuechly had the kid get back behind the QB and take another toss. This time, there would be no juking of any kind, as Kuechly reverted into live-game mode as if the kid was Alvin Kamara and the division was on the line. Here's both videos back-to-back:

This poor kid learned the hard way that you don't get to juke out Luke Kuechly and live to tell the tale. One second he's the king of the camp, the next he's being asked what day it is. Good for him for (kind of) popping right back up and earning plenty of respect from one of the best linebackers in the NFL. A memory that will last forever, if he actually remembers anything after that hit.