Lil’ Wayne tweets (then deletes) impossibly NSFW threat at Mark Cuban amid NBA playoff beef

The gristle is gone. Chewed up and spit out. We are down to the meat of the NBA season and things are heating up. Cooler heads are not prevailing. Emotions are higher than Kevin Durant being interviewed by Letterman. It’s a sh*t show out there. Just ask Mark Cuban.

That was the Dallas Mavericks owner firing back at a week-old Lil’ Wayne tweet with an even older Lil’ Wayne lyric after the Mavs took down Tunechi’s (apparently?) beloved Phoenix Suns this weekend. If Cuban didn’t take kindly to Lil’ Wayne calling Doncic a “ho,” however, we can only imagine how he felt when Lil’ Wayne’s tweeted this since-deleted threat, which may go down as the single most profane NBA clapback of all time when judgment day comes. Viewer discretion advised (and this time we aren’t joking):

Goodness gracious. We aren’t even allowed to write what Wayne said, so you’ll just have to read it for yourself. But needless to say, it is HIGHLY specific and DEAD serious. There’s no doubt in our minds that, in that moment of rage about being daggered with his own knife, Wayne would have made good on his pledge. As certain as the sun coming up tomorrow. Let’s be glad it didn’t come to that, even if it is supposedly sterile.

We’re also sure the pair, who celebrated the Mavs’ 2011 championship together eons ago, will make nice the next time one needs something from the other. Uber-wealthy people don’t have friends or enemies, they just have people they can use. Until that joyous day of reconcilliation, however, please excuse us. We have the sudden urge to go brush our teeth.