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This video of a lightning bolt hitting a golf ball is absolutely mesmerizing (and terrifying)

July 09, 2021

You shouldn't need a reminder to avoid playing golf during a thunderstorm. Really, you shouldn't do anything during a thunderstorm except cower in your own home. You're not even supposed to keep the TV plugged in. Seriously. The more you know.

Yet some knuckleheads in a video that went viral on Friday continued to hit shots at a Topgolf with lightning in the area. Maybe it was just a case of young people feeling invincible. Maybe they didn't realize how close the lightning was and thought the overhang would protect them. Or maybe they just didn't want their money to go to waste (reserving those bays is expensive!).

Regardless, a video was recorded that seems to show a lightning bolt actually strike a golf ball in mid air. And it's both incredibly mesmerizing—and terrifying—to watch. Behold the most ELECTRIFYING (sorry) clip of 2021:

Wow. That is something. You do NOT mess with Mother Nature no matter how many watered-down mojitos you've had.

Fortunately, no one was hurt. But seriously, be safe out there this weekend. Please.