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Stray Vijay Singh chip knocks man—and his delicious beer—out of his chair at U.S. Senior Open

While there were low scores to be had on Thursday at the U.S. Senior Open, there were still some decidedly U.S. Open moments. One in particular that involves a stray Vijay Singh chip has taken golf Twitter by storm.

In the clip, Singh, one over at the time, can be seen taking a hack out of some very thick fescue to the right of another tee box at Omaha Country Club. Singh's shot was a spray to the right, and it happened to strike an unsuspecting fan sitting in his chair. Despite the fact the ball wasn't traveling that fast, the man fell out of said chair, losing his delicious beer in the process. Have a look below:

At the risk of sounding age-ist, we should probably hold back on this one... but have you ever seen a more "help, I've fallen and I can't get up" moment in your life? This chip wasn't exactly breaking an ballspeed records, and this man took it like he had been sniped from a few fairways over. That said, you know it's not a true sell job because nobody would fake the sheer disappointment this poor guy felt when his beer spilled all over him:


Fully horizontal, head back, eyes to the heavens. The look of a man who just settled in with a full crispy Bud Light to watch some approach shots, only to end up on the ground and beer-less. Brutal, brutal scene. 

If you can believe it, this was the second time someone was struck by a stray chip and knocked out of their chair on Thursday at the U.S. Senior Open. No, we're not kidding. Check out this LeBron-like flop for the ages:

Good grief, get it together people! Watching a little too much Euro 2020 if you ask me. Let's keep our head on a swivel on Friday in Omaha, folks.