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Liberty head coach Hugh Freeze plans to coach from a dental chair on Saturday (not a joke)

September 06, 2019

Despite a glaring lack of upsets and only a handful of down-to-the-wire games, Week 1 of college football still delivered plenty of craziness. So much so that one of the more ridiculous happenings may have slipped through the cracks: Liberty head coach Hugh Freeze coaching an entire game from a hospital bed.

No, he wasn't in the hospital, he was in his bed inside the press box at Liberty University, making the image all the more absurd. Twitter had a field day, as is tradition:

As insane as it was, it was pretty standard stuff for Freeze, who seems to create drama out of thin air every chance he gets. If you don't recall, this is the same guy that once staged his own fake funeral while he was still head coach at Ole Miss, a school where he racked up numerous recruiting violations and was later forced to resign after it was revealed he had made calls to a female escort service, which he believed was a misdial in one of the greatest excuses of all time. Publicity, good or bad, is not something Freeze has ever shied away from.

Well, surprise, surprise, Freeze is back at it again this week, but he's trading in his hospital bed for a dental chair, though a Liberty spokesperson told Yahoo's Pat Forde that "we're not calling it a dental chair." The only problem with that statement is that it looks a hell of a lot like a dental chair:

Turns out the Athletic's Chris Vannini is spot on. Jay Walker, the play-by-play man for the Louisiana Ragin' Cajuns, Liberty's opponent this week, snapped a photo of the chair on Friday when it arrived in the press box:

Liberty may not be calling it a dental chair, but don't be surprised if Hugh is getting a root canal late in the third quarter in that thing. It might be the most dental chair-ass looking dental chair I've ever seen. Next week, tune in as Freeze motors up and down the sidelines in a Jazzy.