Gather the boys, pool some funds, and grab LG’s new 325-inch, $1.7-million TV before the Ryder Cup starts

September 16, 2021

In a modern tech world where a new video game costs $70, the latest iPhone over a grand, and a shoddily assembled Tesla nearly $70,000, there is one last value to be had: TVs.

In recent years, as TV tech has made the leap from SD to HD to 4K, shedding fads like 3D and VR in the process, consumers have reaped the benefits of technological advancement, with price-per-inch totals plummeting. You can now get a damn good TV for a little over $1,000, which is probably less than the couch you’re watching it from. But a deal never lasts for long, and apparently LG is ready to flip the script, unveiling their new 325-inch, 8K SUPER MEGA SCREEN to the tune of $1.7 million actual U.S. dollars this week. Look upon opulence and weep, peasants.


The 325-inch leviathan measures 23.6 feet long by 13.3 feet tall, employs 33 million LED diodes, and clocks in at a meaty 2,222 pounds. Accessible it ain’t, but hear us out. The Ryder Cup is almost here, right? You’re going to need something to watch it on, right? You only live once, right? So here’s an idea: Why don’t you and the fellas pool some funds, send the Mrs. to Napa for the weekend, and set this behemoth up in the living room to watch a few good PATRIOTS go to battle.


Sure, you may neverfinanciallyrecover.gif, but you can't say it wouldn't be worth it …