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LeBron James shows off freakish photographic memory again recalling all of his turnovers

May 24, 2018

Even after a poor game by his standards (Imagine 26 points, 10 rebounds, 5 assists and 6 turnovers on 50 percent shooting being a poor game?), LeBron James wowed anyone who watched his press conference by showing off his freakish photographic memory again. LeBron last showed off his neat parlor trick when perfectly recalling a sequence of events on Boston's parquet floor in Game 1. But an answer he gave following a Game 5 loss was even more impressive.

When the man who has almost single-handedly carried a Knicks-esque roster to the NBA Finals was asked to assess his six turnovers (Oh, the horror!), LeBron decided to go through each one. Have a look and listen:

To recap, LeBron, more than an hour after the game ended, perfectly recounted six plays that happened all throughout the game. Amazing. CBS Boston transcribed James' detailed response:

“I had two turnovers where I felt like they were just really bad,” James said, before getting into detail. “My first turnover, I tried to — I saw something happening and Marcus Morris did a great job of reading it. I threw it up ahead to Kev [Kevin Love], and [Morris] picked it off. My second turnover, I went baseline, lost my footing on Marcus Morris, another turnover. A couple of them, one in transition to Jeff Green, I thought I put it on his hands, and he kind of fumbled it. Wish I could have that one back; I’d maybe bounce-pass that one.

“I had a backdoor one to Swish [J.R. Smith]. It hit his hands. Maybe I should have not thrown that one. It was a little bit in traffic. Al Horford was right there, but it hit Swish’s hands. Maybe I should have taken that one back.

“I had a post-up on Terry Rozier, they came and … they doubled him from the baseline. And Jayson Tatum got his hands on him and I had a guy wide open. I should have faked high and threw it low. My last turnover was just very, very careless on Terry Rozier. We had a pick-and-roll, I got the switch and I just lost it out of bounds on the other side, away from their basket.”

“So that’s my six turnovers. I think out of those six, maybe three of them were just careless. I think the other three were attack turnovers, and I’m OK with that.”

And we're OK with LeBron continuing to dazzle us -- both during and after games.