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LeBron James welcomes Odell Beckham Jr. to L.A. with the most cringeworthy message you'll ever lay your eyes on

November 12, 2021

It shouldn't be debatable, but LeBron James' GOAT status is constantly called into question, usually by looney tunes people like Skip Bayless who are just trying to get a reaction out of someone. One thing we can all agree on, though, is that LeBron is the absolute WOAT on social media.

In addition to being incredibly corny, James always manages to find a way to make everything about himself. The L.A. Rams trading for Odell Beckham Jr., a good friend of James', he'll have you know, presented the perfect opportunity to go full self-absorbed cornball for the King, and by god did he jump at that opportunity. 

Here's the message from James' Instagram story, which, we think, is James making up a conversation between the two as a caption for the photo of him and Odell:

Before we actually dive into whatever it is LeBron is trying to convey here, let's first take a look at the grammar. First, if you're doing one of these "conversation" things, it's best to use a colon after "Me: [insert cringey fake quote]" and "Him: [insert cringey fake quote]." Second, let's take a look at the actual quotes -- "THE LA BRIGHT LIGHTS IS READY FOR YOU," and "I'M HERE FOR WHENEVER IF NEEDED." The high school english teachers of the world must be falling out of their incredibly uncomfortable metal chairs. 

As for the message itself, it's just peak LeBron. A reminder that HE was the first player to ever come to L.A. and HE embraced the BRIGHT LIGHTS better than ANYONE before him. Not everyone can handle those BRIGHT LIGHTS like LeBron can. LeBron's friend Odell might be able to, though, which LeBron knows and will remind everyone of after Odell's first touchdown with a tweet like "That's MY GUY Odell. MY FRIEND. I KNEW he could handle the BRIGHT LIGHTS of L.A. like ME. It's not for EVERYONE but it is for ME and ODELL." Cannot wait.