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The Chicago Bulls just had the best eight seconds of the NBA season so far

November 11, 2021

In the fourth quarter of their win against the Dallas Mavericks, the Chicago Bulls had a sequence so electrifying, and so aesthetically perfect, that we should probably issue a content advisory: Watch the clip below, and you're basically forfeiting 20 minutes of your day, because that is the minimum time you'll spend re-watching it over and over and over.

You've been warned:

Everything about this is so good, and while breaking it down into its component parts risks losing the overall magic, we're going to do it anyway. Here are the best parts of those eight seconds, ranked:

5. Nikola Vucevic's baseline D — hell yeah! Not sexy, but critical...can't let that man get to the hoop.

4. Nikola Vucevic's hockey assist to Lonzo Ball — again, not at all sexy, but if he didn't get him the ball ASAP, none of this is possible.

3. Zach LaVine's dunk — this is such a harsh ranking, because it was an amazing dunk and an even more amazing punctuation, and says a lot about LaVine's sense of the moment. The fact that's no. 3 just proves how wild this whole sequence was.

2. Alex Caruso's steal and pass — a classic hustle play, which is inherently unsexy, but the way he fell to the ground like a slot receiver making a diving catch over the middle, and the presence of mind to get rid of the ball, elevates this into something special

1. The Lonzo Ball pass - GOD. This is a work of art, and you can appreciate it even more from this angle:

The way he just buzzes the top of Powell's head, knowing he has to get it to Lavine quickly, is a feat of physics and geometry. This man is a genius.

Finally, we would like to shout out no. 12 for the Bulls, Ayo Dosunmu. Like Michael Collins, the Apollo 11 astronaut not named Buzz Aldrin or Neil Armstrong, and who never got to step on the moon, Dosunmu was also on the court for this piece of magic but remained on the periphery. History may forget you, Ayo, but we never will.