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Turns out LeBron James’ NBA bubble room is just a little bit nicer than everyone else’s

September 15, 2020

Early on, when sports Twitter first got wind of the NBA bubble cafeteria food, the joke was the same across the board: There's no way Bron is eating that. Not if pigs flew. Not if hell was a hockey rink. NOT A CHANCE. In fact, while most of the NBA’s rooks and role players could be found hanging out, fishing, playing golf, and so on, we saw very little of LeBron James’ bubble life, apart from one now-infamous gym photo. Suspicions all along have been that the man they call The King was living a very different lifestyle from that of his peers and we now have confirmation that those rumors were true. Behold, The King’s Chambers.

That ain’t no Motel 6, we’ll tell you that much. While the rest of the Association was slumming it in their peasant deluxe suites, LBJ got the Presidential, generally the most prestigious spread a hotel has to offer. You’ll notice lofted, wood-paneled ceilings, custom lighting fixtures, a full dining area, two bedrooms, sprawling central Florida vistas, a porcelain soaking tub (you better bet those floors are heated), and at least four flatscreen TVs. A suite like this ordinarily goes for well over 2K night and LeBron has been posted up there since July. You do the math.

Here’s hoping the difference is coming out of James’ own pockets, not Silver’s (and by extension the Chinese advertisers Bron Bron fought so hard to defend last fall), but the reality is that nobody makes more for the NBA than LeBron, and the laws of capitalism say he gets a bigger piece of the pie. Don’t like trickle-down LeBronomics? Neither do we, but have patience, young grasshopper. If history has taught one thing its that all monarchies, no matter how great or how powerful, all one day fall.