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LeBron James LOL'd when asked about his latest "tribute" to Michael Jordan

December 06, 2017

Anything LeBron James says or does these days is news. Heck, we even freaked out when he recently led his Cleveland Cavaliers on quick NYC subway trip. But someone apparently took stretching something for a story to a new level following James' performance against the Chicago Bulls on Monday night.

The Cavs won 113-91 and James scored 23 of those points, which had people wondering if he had scored that precise amount on purpose as some sort of tribute to Bulls legend Michael Jordan, who wore the No. 23. If that sounds ridiculous to you, it should. Because it's ridiculous.

Yeah, LeBron really made a statement by dropping 23 points -- 5 below his season average -- against a team with the worst record in the NBA in a meaningless game in early December. What would that even prove?! He also had six assists. Hey, maybe that was in honor of the six titles that MJ's Bulls won? Wake up, people!

At Wednesday's practice, James was asked about copying some of Jordan's signature moves -- which at times, it appeared like he did -- and he brought up the 23-point "theory." Then he got a good chuckle out of it:

The Cavs are back in action Wednesday night when they host the Sacramento Kings. And something tells us LeBron won't stop scoring once he gets to 14 points in honor of Oscar Robertson.