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Celebrate Halloween with this clip of last year’s NBA MVP getting sent to an early grave

October 26, 2021

BREAKING NEWS: We’re five days out from Halloween, the creepiest, crawliest, most Tik Tok-ready holiday of the year. Ol’ Samhain was dead, done, and dusted not so long ago, but has experienced an incredible resurgence in popularity due to costume-friendly nature of social media and the fact that every waking day is now a horror movie. Now everyone is celebrating All Hallow's Eve, even Finnish Cavaliers power forward Lauri Marrkkanen, who slammed the lid on reigning NBA MVP Nikola Jokic's casket with this monster jam on Monday night. Check it out … if you dare.

Want more thrills and chills? You’re in luck, because the director’s cut is rated NC-17 for graphic basketball violence …

Making matters even grislier for the Nikola’s Nugs, the spooktacular throwdown was the first bucket of the evening, coming less than one minute into Monday night’s game. Pretty scary stuff, especially when you consider the Nuggets, thought to be a contender in the Western Conference once again this season, got slaughtered by the lowly Cavs 99-87.

Safe to say that’s a sequel nobody in Denver wants to see.