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‘He’s a big loser on the golf course’: Larry David calls out Doc Rivers as only Larry David can

January 31, 2024

JC Olivera

Larry David is on the press tour for the final “Curb Your Enthusiasm” season, which means one thing and one thing only: Many grievances are about to be aired. The comedy legend and golf devotee joined Bill Simmons on the aptly named “The Bill Simmons Podcast,” and it took less than a minute for David to go after golf partner Doc Rivers. Just an out-of-the-gate attack. What else could one want?

“It’s very upsetting,” said David about Rivers taking the Milwaukee Bucks job. “It’s very upsetting because he’s a big loser on the golf course. Consistently. So, I’m going to miss that. It’s so surprising. It just really came out of nowhere.”

Simmons added that he and David had dinner with Rivers less than two months ago and the concept of coaching again didn’t seem to be on his radar. The “Curb” icon then threw out an idea for why Rivers bolted to Wisconsin, and it has little to do with basketball.

“He’s obviously taking the job because he doesn’t want to pay for the next dinner. That’s why he’s going to Milwaukee! This man will go to any end to not have to pay for something.”

The best part of this bit is that it’s 100 percent something that Larry David’s character would do on his HBO show. There’s no doubt that LD would leave the state of California and flock to the Midwest in order to not pay for a dinner. Perhaps this is all viral marketing for the 12th season. Certainly, something to watch out for.