Of course Lane Kiffin retweeted someone who crapped on the refs from the Ole Miss-Auburn game

When he was the head coach at FAU, Lane Kiffin's Twitter antics were a fun little sideshow. Now that he's at Ole Miss, an SEC school with fans who expect the Rebels to compete with the Alabama and Auburns of the world, his social media act could grow tired very quickly, especially if they start losing games. 

Five games into the Kiffin era at Ole Miss and he's already lost four, but fans aren't becoming restless yet. For starters, they've been in every game, including the Alabama game and again on Saturday against Auburn, one they lost 35-28 in crushing fashion. After taking a 28-27 lead, Ole Miss kicked it off to Tigers return man Shaun Shivers with six minutes left in the game. The kick, which was a bouncing kick, appeared to graze Shivers' left pinky, making it a live ball. It rolled into the end zone, where Ole Miss thought it had recovered it for a touchdown that would have given them a 34-27 lead. 

Unfortunately, officials didn't say it had grazed Shivers' hand, instead calling the play a touchback. The play was never reviewed, which is extremely puzzling when you watch the video yourself:  

Oof. When both announcers are practically clamoring for a review, you know the refs screwed this one up. That should be an automatic booth review, 1 million times out of 1 million, and it would have resulted in an Ole Miss touchdown. With an extra point, the Rebels could have been up by eight points with 5:40 left. Absolutely brutal. 

Not surprisingly, Kiffin made sure everyone knew how he felt about the call by retweeting someone who called the SEC's officiating a "disgrace" (see screenshot after video below):  


This tweet was sent at 3:18 p.m., literal minutes after the game had been decided, meaning Kiffin was scrolling the TL right after the final whistle. That's... incredible. Normally, Kiffin doing that at 1-4 would be cause for criticism, but we can't really blame him here. That is a game-changing call, and is now the difference between Ole Miss being 2-2 with a semi-favorable schedule the rest of the way or being at the bottom of the SEC West at 1-4. 

For those wondering, yes, Auburn has now been gifted two wins via garbage calls from the refs. Two weeks ago, quarterback Bo Nix threw a backwards "spike" that officials blew dead despite it being a live ball, which Arkansas recovered. The SEC later clarified that it was a fumble, but there was no immediate recovery (there was). Rough start to the 2020 season for SEC officials.