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Mike Leach vs. Lane Kiffin is already the greatest rivalry in all of American sport

This past Thanksiving, The Egg Bowl, which is normally the most batshit crazy rivalry game in college football, was at its batshit craziest. After converting a 4th and 24 with under a minute to play, Ole Miss was able to score what appeared to be the equalizing touchdown with nine seconds remaining on third and goal.

The receiver of that touchdown, Rebels sophomore Elijah Moore, had other ideas. Immediately after crossing the goal line, Moore crawled like a dog to the back of the endzone and … well, you know. Chaos ensued:

Moore’s urination celebration wound up causing Ole Miss the Egg Bowl, thus bringing to an abrupt end one of the all time great SEC games between teams with a combined record of 9-13. But because records are irrelevant in the Egg Bowl, this one will be remembered by both fanbases for a long time.

Somehow, this rivalry got even more L-I-T lit this offseason, when Ole Miss hired former prodigy Lane Kiffin on December 6, and Mississippi State hired offensive savant and philosopher Mike Leach one month later. Chances are neither of them last long in the SEC, where fans go from overly excited about their new hire to “FIRE HIM” in the second quarter of Week 2 when they’re only beating Southeast Missouri State 10-0.

What I’m saying is, we need to enjoy Leach v. Kiffin while it lasts, because it is going to be some of the most entertaining television we’ll ever see. For their first act, Leach tugged on Kiffin’s mask at the Mississippi state capitol at an event held to change the state’s flag, which has caused some controversy. The video is the perfect encapsulation of what this rivalry is going to be like:

The image of Leach screwing with Kiffin’s mask while wearing his improperly will never not be funny. It’s like two seventh graders being forced to stand still and be silent, which just leads to them messing around anyway. This rivalry, however short-lived it could prove to be, is going to be electric.

By the way, how about Kiffin shaking everyone’s hands? POLICE, POLICE! HELP!!!