Sources Say

Lane Kiffin is handling the Auburn rumors the only way he knows how (he's trolling on Twitter)

November 22, 2022

All I can say is thank GOD we didn't lose Twitter last week like all the doomsayers said we would (the doomsayers are batting 1.000 on being wrong these days). Had it actually combusted, we would have missed out on one of Twitter's greatest pleasures: Lane Kiffin trolling everyone.

The thing is, Kiffin had been a master troll long before he was on the bird app, but the bird app has certainly exacerbated his trolling addiction. On Monday night, in classic Kiffin fashion, his name was not only floated as the next Auburn head coach, it was all but confirmed. Jon Sokoloff, a sports reporter who covers Ole Miss and Mississippi State for WCBI, hit us with a BREAKING and a "sources say" all in one tweet that said Lane to Auburn was happening:

This, of course, made plenty of sense, as Kiffin's name was among the few rumored for the Tigers head coaching job as soon as it opened up on Halloween after Bryan Harsin was fired. That said, he does seem happy at Ole Miss, where he's clearly building something, and the Rebels have the Egg Bowl on Thanksgiving night against rival Mississippi State. Kiffin appeared to be all in on that less than a half hour after Sokoloff sent his tweet:

A simple troll or a message to the Rebel faithful he's all in on Hotty Toddy? The next tweet he sent seemed to lean with the latter:

Vintage Lane to throw a little kerosene on the coaching carousel fire. And by the way, not exactly a confirmation that he wasn't taking the Auburn job. As many folks have replied to him already, a simple "I'm staying at Ole Miss" would do the trick here. One thing to remember here though is that Kiffin was offered a contract extension by Ole Miss last week, the type that would make him "one of the top 10--if not top five--paid coaches nationally." These could all just be negotiating tactics, or he's just trying to hold off the news until he takes one last Egg Bowl ride against Mike Leach Thursday evening. 

Lane, naturally, was still not done trolling Sokoloff:

Brilliant. Though it's all going to be considerably less funny for Ole Miss fans when they come out flat Thursday night and lose to the Bulldogs and then it gets revealed Kiffin told the team he was leaving for Auburn before the game and he hops on the first plane out of Oxford Friday morning. That would be some generational trolling.