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Lance Stephenson, Lakers bench mob provide the Lakers with lone highlight of season

March 27, 2019

It's been a nightmare season for the Los Angeles Lakers, a young, talented team that was supposed to at least be a playoff factor adding an old, but talented LeBron James. Instead, Los Angeles has switched into late tank mode now that it will be a part of the NBA Draft lottery, and the team has gotten more attention for Lonzo Ball's sneakers and a mocking "highlight" compilation that went viral last week. But now they actually have a "one shining moment" to hang their hat on. And it truly was a team effort.

In Tuesday night's win (Yes, win) over the Washington Wizards, Lance Stephenson literally tripped up Jeff Green (more on that in a moment) with a crossover in the second quarter that singlehandedly revived the Lakers. When he connected on the shot, you'd have thought the team had just won the NBA title instead of just lengthened their lead in a completely meaningless regular season game. Anyway, check it out:

Cha cha! And here's more from Rob Perez on that incredible reaction by the bench, which even included LeBron jumping up and walking on the court:

Amazing. The dead man is the best.

However, there was a bit of controversy over the play. Many people on Twitter complained that Lance stepped on Green's foot and that's what prompted him to get such separation. It's something Green confirmed after the game:

Talk about taking it well. Good job, Jeff. And I think Lakers fans will run with it. After all, it's been a rough year.