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Lakers Ukrainian rookie drills 20 straight 3s in practice, instantly becomes LeBron's secret weapon

September 27, 2018

Despite him hitting a billion clutch shots in his career, a few of which came during last year's NBA Playoffs, the knock on LeBron James is that he's always been too passive with the ball. The point this argument misses is that that it's often a good thing, because James' passing usually sets up his teammates with a wide open shot due to the attention he draws.

What was particularly frustrating to watch about this so called "passiveness" earlier this summer was that the guys James was passing to could not hit a shot to save their life. Kyle Korver, Kevin Love, J.R. Smith, you can go down the whole list, they all came up small.

Well, LeBron, have no fear, Sviatoslav Mykhailiuk is here. Who is Sviatoslav Mykhailiuk, you ask? He's the Lakers Ukrainian rookie they drafted in the second round out of Kansas, and he made it rain in practice on Wednesday, hitting 20 consecutive threes. Sure, they were unguarded and we're talk'n bout practice, but this is still mesmerizing to watch:

Miles Simon, now a Lakers assistant, was a pretty decent college basketball player himself, so for him to be impressed means this is quite the exhibition. At first, I completely forgot this kid existed, but a little YouTube search quickly jogged my memory that he was the guy that daggered Duke by sending this game to OT:

You do this to Duke, you're an instant hero in my book. Let's hope he instantly become's LeBron's secret weapon as well following this shooting performance.