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Colonial Country Club

Zero to 241.6

Kyle Berkshire sets new ball speed World Record. Spoiler alert: It’s fast

October 03, 2023

Kevin Mazur

As everything ebbs and flows, it’s nice to have a constant in the world: Kyle Berkshire hitting golf balls hard and fast. The 26-year-old wunderkind has done it yet again, this time smashing a new ball-speed World Record. A very casual 241.6 miles per hour.

The World Long Drive Championship mainstay is known for his stellar driving winning multiple championships with his luscious locks looking perfect the entire time. And yes, Berkshire broke his own record of 239.7 MPH from back in April. Not even 240? What a joke.

At 6’3” and 215 pounds, Berkshire is seemingly the best in the world at this very specific skill, and what a talent to have. He’s an accomplished junior golfer, but he’s done his best work when it comes to hitting a golf ball really, really hard—usually straight too.

The celebration makes it all worth it as Berkshire rips the hat off his head with the same tenacity of his driving. The bevy of spectators and a taxidermied deer head on the wall really add to the ambiance. “Let’s go!” is all he really needs to say to get his point across.

Kyle Berkshire’s done it once again, and we salute him. When it comes to hitting golf balls into the sun, there’s only one man you should call for the job.