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The simple, yet brilliant, advice Bryson DeChambeau gave to long-drive legend Kyle Berkshire

There was once a time when it was unfathomable to think a long drive champion could ever hack it on the PGA Tour, and, conversely, that a high-level tour pro could ever hack it in the world of long drive. Kyle Berkshire and Bryson DeChambeau have both made significant strides to change that thinking.

It's led to an unlikely bromance of sorts, one that has been extremely beneficial for both parties. Berkshire, a two-time World Long Drive champ, advises DeChambeau on how to achieve maximum club head speed in order to hit bombs. DeChambeau, an eight-time PGA Tour winner and a U.S. Open champ, advises Berkshire on how he can make the improbable jump from long drive to real deal, tournament golf. 

"One of the biggest things [Bryson's] told me about golf is that it doesn't matter what you're swing looks like," Berkshire said on this week's episode of The Loop podcast, adding "It doesn't matter what you're thinking, doesn't matter your experience level. All that matters is how repeatable your golf swing is. 

"That's something that--as I continue to work on my golf game with an ultimate long-term goal of at some point, if I get good enough, maybe playing in an event or two. I just focus on repeatability. I ask myself when I'm practicing, 'How repeatable is this motion?' I don't ask what does it look like, is it pretty. I ask, can I repeat it?"

Berkshire, whose tour-pro pursuit began in 2020, has a long ways to go to make the PGA Tour, but he is preaching patience, knowing that when the eventual day comes all eyes will be on him. In the meantime, long drive is coming back to Golf Channel, something Berkshire was excited to discuss during our chat. To hear the full conversation, please have a listen below, and like and subscribe to The Loop wherever you get your podcasts.