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Golfer stumbles on a giant gator chowing down on a rabbit in the middle of a tournament

October 03, 2023

Nature can be beautiful, magical and serene. It can also be brutal, bloody and unforgiving. Just ask this golfer, who came across a massive gator lurking in the bushes during a recent tournament in Naples, Florida. Ordinarily this would be "get the hell out of there" situation, but there was some good news for the unsuspecting stick:

This gator had already eaten breakfast. (WARNING: The following video is graphic, so pull the rip cord now if you're not up to it).

Remember the goat scene in ‘Jurassic Park’? This is pretty much that, plus 200 million years and one set of clubs in the trunk. Seriously, Doug, any advice on how to chip with this going on?

Anyway, we don’t know how this budding Nat Geo cameraman’s round finished, but here’s hoping he was able to shake off the scare and get out of there with a couple of pars … and both his legs.