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If you can't handle the heat...

The only thing worse than Boston sports fans are the Golden State Warriors whining about Boston sports fans

It was a tough night at the office for the Golden State Warriors on Wednesday. They got outgunned by the Celtics 116-110 in Game 3; Steph Curry picked up a foot injury that has plunged his availability and effectiveness for the rest of the series into question; and, of course, they had the pleasure of dealing with the Gahden's finest for 48 minutes. That last one, in particular, seemed to get under Klay Thompson’s skin, as he took to the podium after the game and handed the Celtics faithful some serious boo-lletin board material before Friday’s Game 4.

Now we loathe Boston sports fans as much as the next red-blooded American patriot. They don't have the asshole-fan market cornered by any means, but they have a reputation for a reason. From the borderline hooliganism of the Magic-Bird Finals to more recent reports of Bruins and Red Sox fans using racial slurs to harass opposing players, Boston has become the flag bearer for unacceptable arena behavior in America's Big Four sports. Mix all of that with their post-Y2K title-town entitlement, and the fumes become downright noxious.

That said, not only is saddling up the high horse after a loss only going to make these idiots dumber and louder come Game 4, Thompson’s misgivings don't exactly cross the "worth it" threshold. His primary beef when asked how the crowd did or didn't affect the game on Wednesday was that some fans were “dropping f-bombs in front of kids.” Making matters even worse, Stever Kerr and Saint Draymond also got in on the pearl-clutching.

Fellas, what game have you ever been to with no kids? What game have you ever been to with no f-bombs? This isn’t a Boston thing. It’s just a thing. Hell, knowing Boston, the kids were probably doing the bulk of the f-bomb dropping. They start 'em young up there.

Anyway, like we said, there are some genuine complaints to be made about Boston sports fans/sports fan behavior in general and some potentially interesting discussions on the how and why of it, but this? This ain’t it, chief. As the old saying goes, if you can’t handle the heat, stay out of the lobstah pot ... or something like that.