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Who let the dawgs out?

The leaked (and extremely NSFW) audio of Kirby Smart’s halftime speech vs. Florida says everything you need to know about top-ranked Georgia

November 17, 2021

Let us be very clear: Georgia is the best team in the nation this season. Ohio State has their FBS-leading offense. Alabama has the Sabanator. UTSA still has a goose-egg in the loss department, but Georgia? Georgia are just better. They’re meaner, they’re nastier. They want it more and they have the blue-chip recruits and styming defense to get it. They might not win it all. Hell, they might not even make it to January 10th. This is college football, anything can happen. But they’re the de-facto number one for countless reasons, none more important than what you're about to hear. Ear muffs kiddos, the language gets rough from here.

That is, allegedly, the leaked audio from Georgia head coach Kirby Smart’s halftime speech during the Bulldogs' 34-7 beatdown of the Gators late last month. For those of you who can’t commit to that many f-bombs at your work computer right now, It reads as follows ...

“I still remember, like yesterday, walking out this b—tch at the half. The look and the feeling I had, looking at Tyson, looking at Stokes, looking at those guys…You know what guys? This is our f—kin year, this is our f—kin year and we do it by how we play. It’s zero to f—kin zero and you make ‘em never want to play again. All that sh—t they’re talking—I love it Jamaree—you didn’t say sh—t. You don’t say sh—t to ‘em, you just laugh and point at the scoreboard. Let me get a picture JD, point at the f—ckin scoreboard. DON’T SAY SH—T to their undisciplined a$$. Because we are, WE ARE DISCIPLINED! And our a$$es are gonna kick the f—ckin sh—t out of ‘em, physically! Physically I want to break ‘em, I’m talkin’ bout f—kin break these b—tches on defense and offense.”

The headlines will be about the six f-bombs, five sh—t sandwiches, and two b-words, but the soundbite offers far greater insight into the way Smart runs the Georgia program than just his colorful lexicon. Maturity and composure are the two big themes here. Even in a heated SEC rivalry game, Smart is telling his guys not to talk trash, not to get sucked in, to keep their eyes on the scoreboard and their ears to the ground. You think Lane “Popcorn” Kiffin is preaching that? Because he ain’t.

The other big thing is Georgia’s foot-to-the-throat mentality. At the time of that Smart’s tirade, Georgia were leading 24-0. We repeat: TWENTY FOUR TO NOTHING, NADA, ZILCH. But that wasn’t enough. “Make 'em never want to play again" Smart said and, juding by recent results, the Gators don't.

So there you have it. If you haven’t watched a Georgia game this year and are wondering what all the fuss is about, this offers a pretty good answer. The only question now is how the approach will hold up against the immovable object/unstoppable force that is Alabama. Embarrassing Florida is one thing, but you’re not going to be pointing to the scoreboard against Alabama. That much is guaranteed.